“part of the furniture”别理解成“家具的一部分”

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各位好,欢迎来的饼哥英语的频道,今日我们分享一个十分有效且隧道的表达——part of the furniture, 这个短语的寄义不是指“家具的一部分”,其精确的寄义是:

part of the furniture 屡见不鲜之事,习以为常的事(或人)

I worked there so long that I became part of the furniture.


I can't envision the company without Bill. I mean, the man has been here for 40 years—he's part of the furniture!


Ah, that's just Mary. She's been coming to this restaurant nearly every day for years, so we kind of see her as part of the furniture at this point.


The librarian had been there so long he seemed like part of the furniture.


“part of the furniture”别理解成“家具的一部分”

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